The Zoom Company Responds to Security Concerns, Freezes Feature Updates To Next 90 Days to Resolve The Ongoing Issues

The Zoom Company Responds to Security Concerns, Freezes Feature Updates To Next 90 Days to Resolve The Ongoing Issues
The Zoom Company is the responding to the list of security concerns raised recently & are promised to dedicate its there resources to identify, address, & fix ongoing issues over the next 90 days proactively by freezing feature updates, CEO Eric S Yuan announced through a blog post. These video conferencing app are gained huge popularity thanks to the coronavirus outbreak that are pushed people to work from the home. The popularity are come alongside various security issues they exist not just for any particular group of people but for the masses using the Zoom app on their Windows or Mac computers & even the ones using accessing the solution on their mobile devices.

The Zoom Company are grow to 10 million daily users in December to more than 200 million daily users in March. These app are also use by over 90,000 schools across 20 countries worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. The shows are the speed growth of the video conferencing app. These growth are also brought some security issues into the limelight.

The Zoom app are design for the enterprise customers they are full IT support and have done “exhaustive security reviews”, These trend, whenever, are changed in the recent past — specifically due to the outbreak that has hit almost all major countries of the globe.

The much broader set of users who are utilising the product in a myriad of unexpected ways, presenting us with challenges we did not anticipate when the platform was conceived

These change & They more significant is the growth in users have highlighted various loopholes that exist in the app may be since its inception. Zoom company did not try to limit the outrage from users by speedily fixing issues such as the one where it was the spotted sharing data with Facebook even when the users weren’t signing in using their social media profiles. It also updated its privacy policy & just earlier this week acknowledged and apologised for the misleading end-to-end encryption claim.

The security agencies in the countries such as the US & India are not convinced by the recent efforts made by Zoom. These company is,the moving its focus from developing new features to enhancing its security for the next 90 days.

They are also committed to being transparent throughout this process. THE Ceo started in blog post

The Zoom Company are set to prepare a transparency report detailing requests to user data, records, & content and the launching a CISO council in partnership with various CISOs to the discuss. The security are privacy best practices. The new measures in the pipeline are also include the company engagement in the white box penetration tests & enhancing its current bug bounty programme. The also in plans are kick off a weekly webinar on Wednesdays to provide privacy & security updates.

The Fixing are the existing security are issues & start to focus more towards uplifting privacy of its users is the indeed the need of the hour of Zoom. The considering its growing numbers across the world. The new changes planned by the company would also make the competition tougher for Google are Hangouts Meet & Microsoft Skype that are aimed to serve a similar set of consumers that are currently participating in Zoom meetings.

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