YouTube Music Library Makes It Easier to Transfer Content

YouTube Music Library Makes It Easier to Transfer Content

YouTube Music Library Makes It Easier to Transfer Content

YouTube Music Library Makes It Easier to Transfer Content From Google Play Music



The Google planing to making to shift from Google Play Music to YouTube Premium Music. The transition would take some time to complete fully, the search giant are now made it easier for Google Play Music users to transfer their content & start using the  Music service in Youtube .They dedicated option it has been provided on the YouTube Premium Music app to let users to transfer content such as uploads, purchases, added songs, and albums, and playlists.The webpage has also been created for transferring podcasts from Google Play Music to Google Podcasts that is Google's own podcast app.



Latest update that is initially rolling out for select users, the Music app on Youtube for Android and iOS will offer you the option to transfer your content from Google Play Music. They will let you transfer your uploads & purchases, added songs and albums, personal and subscribed playlists, likes and dislikes, and curated stations. These app will start showing your updated recommendations once you're done with the transfer.The Also Google will notify you via email and notifications when the music library transfer is complete. You will be able to see your content in the Library tab of the YouTube app.


In case if you are a podcast listener on Google Play Music, you have been provided with a webpage that helps you transfer your subscriptions and episode progress to Google Podcasts.



Automatic Shift To an Equivalent Tier


The updates to ease transfers, Google are announced that Google Play Music Unlimited subscribers will be automatically granted an equivalent tier of the  Music Premium or YouTube Premium its depending upon their existing subscription. These company is, of course, recommending new users to start their journey with the YouTube service over Google Play Music.



Google Play Music & Youtube Music Price



Google Play Music and YouTube have the same pricing for the ad-free experience that is Rs. 99 a month. The Users can also pick YouTube Premium that includes add-free music and video subscription at Rs. 129 a month. someover, you can go with the ad-supported version of YouTube Premium Music for free.



Recent Changes To Convince Google Play Music Users


The Google last week brought an Explore tab to the YouTube Premium Music app for both Android and iOS users its brings "New releases" and "genres" options. These app also included support for showing lyrics to users. In the March last year, YouTube Premium Music also added the option to play locally stored audio files.The Google also recently enabled support for adding up to 1,00,000 personal tracks to a  Music library on Youtube (an increase from over 50,000 tracks allowed on Google Play Music). All these changes are a part of the ongoing transition that is the aimed to convince the existing Google Play Music users to use YouTube Premium Music.

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