The Facebook Corona Helpdesk Chatbot Launched in India to Offer COVID-19 Information

Social media giant Facebook on Friday launched Messenger Chatbot with Health Ministry & MyGov in India to raise awareness around COVID-19 disease. The Corona Helpdesk Chatbot on Messenger it will help provide authentic and accurate information and bust fake news about new coronavirus.

The opportunity to support the government across ministries with communications tools & resources to share timely, accurate information to the coronavirus to keep people safe & informed. It will be continue to everything we can to help the country efforts Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director of Facebook India said in a statement.
The Facebook users can start accessing the Corona Helpdesk Chatbot and reach out to Health Ministry for authentic news, official updates, precautionary measures and emergency helpline numbers through this Chatbot.
The Chatbot hare support both English & Hindi language capabilities.
To contact the Chatbot, users can go to the Facebook page on MyGov Corona Hub & then start a chat by typing ‘Get Started’, which will prompt them to either type in a query or choose from a list of frequently asked questions.
Depending to the question, users will receive verified information in these form of a video, infographic or text.

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