OnePlus 8 Pro Update to Temporarily Disable Color Filter Camera

OnePlus 8 Pro Update to Temporarily Disable Color Filter Camera

OnePlus 8 Pro Update to Temporarily Disable Color Filter Camera

OnePlus 8 Pro Update to Temporarily Disable Color Filter Camera



The OnePlus 8 Pro users its will receive an update that will temporarily disable the Color Filter camera, OnePlus announced through a post published on Weibo. These new move by the company comes as a result of the recent reports its claimed (see-through” capabilities of the fourth camera sensor its was originally meant for enhancing images. It suggests they despite having a quad rear camera setup, these OnePlus 8 Pro would only be able to use the three rear camera sensors and drop the Color Filter camera for the time being.



Machine Translation


According to the basis of a machine translation of the Weibo post, in which is originally in Chinese, The OnePlus its will push a software update for the OnePlus 8 Pro within a week to disable the Color Filter camera. These company are decided the release of the update to put the recent privacy concerns at rest that emerged due to the reports showing see-through capabilities of the camera



These camera was not able to replicate an x-ray scanner, which is something falsely projected in some reports, it seems to have the ability to allow visibility to certain materials its especially the ones that don't have infrared shielding. Some people are recorded videos that showed internals of devices such as an Apple TV and a TV remote control.This was apparently due to the fact that those devices have an infrared transmissible plastic.



Meant for lighting effects and filters


OnePlus are offered these Color Filter camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro to enhance images with lighting effects & filters. whenever as a noted by Android Police it is mostly a gimmick as you can only use it in the single camera mode and can not add effects in while zooming into any subjects or objects.


The temporarily disabling these Color Filter camera, OnePlus is somehow reducing the operational count of OnePlus 8 Pro rear cameras from four to three at least for the time being. They could be something major for customers who look for a quad rear camera smartphone. These company may address the concerns and bring the fourth camera back to its operations through a future update.

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