Japan PM Proposes One Year Postpone of The Olympics, IOC Agree

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe say on tuesday he & the head to the International Olympic. The Committee are agree on the idea of delaying the Tokyo Olympics about one yearAbe are speaking to reporters after a phone call with IOC.President Thomas Bach on postpon the Games amid growing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan PM Propose PostPone Olympics Game

President Bach to consider postpone of about one year make it possible for athletes to play in the best condition, & secure one for spectators,” Abe say. “President Bach said in agreement 100 percent

Tokyo had completed preparations when the virus started spread are across the world Despite insisting for months the Games would go ahead asplanned, Abe this week said a delay may be unavoidable if the events could not be held in a complete form.

Postpone Date Olympics Game

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike separately told reporters the Game to be convened by summer of 2021, would still be branded “Tokyo 2020
The main reason to postpone Olympics Game are Deadly Coronavirus

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