Google Map Now Show The Public Food & Night Shelters Across 30 Cities Amid Lockdown

The Google Map is now the listing public food shelters & public night shelters across 30 cities on its the platform in India. The new feature that is aimed to help citizens during the COVID-19 outbreak, is the initially available in English. Whenever Google is working towards enabling the experience in Hindi as well. The Users just need to have the Google Maps app on their smartphone to search their nearby public food shelters or public night shelters. Alternatively, the enhanced searching is also available through Google Search or the Google Assistant available on smartphones and KaiOS-based feature phones such as the Jio Phone.

To surface the results for food & night shelters, Google is working closely with state & central government authorities. The government’s citizen engagement platform MyGov revealed the latest update through its Twitter account on Sunday. The Google is also confirmed its presence by the releasing a press statement on Monday.

The Users of Google Maps, Google Search, & Google Assistant can search for public shelters by simply searching for “Food shelters in ” or “Night shelters in ”. This feature is initially are available in English, though it will also soon go live in Hindi.

The users who will need to the search for their nearby public food or night shelters are not likely to have a smartphone The Google are also enabled the experience for Jio Phone users through the available Google Assistant access. The search giant is also working on expand the experience to the other Indian languages & adding additional shelters in more cities across the country over the coming weeks. The Google also does not seem be offering night or food shelter details via its the Google Assistant Vodafone Idea Phone Line service that could actually be very useful for people who don’t have a smartphone. This reached out to Google to find out when it is planning to add the same feature to Phone Line service.

The Google are plans to bring access to the search feature through the quick-access shortcuts it will appear beneath the search bar of the Google Maps app, shortcuts on Google Maps on KaiOS feature phones & food and night shelter pins appear on the map by default when the Google Maps app is first opened.

The Highlight the locations of food & night shelters on Google Maps is a step to make this information easily are available to the users in need, & ensure they can avail the food and shelter services being provided by the government authorities,are said Anal Ghosh, Senior Program Manager, The Google India, in the statement. With the help of volunteers, NGOs, and traffic authorities, it hope to convey this important information to the affected people, many of whom may not have access to a smartphone or mobile device during this time.”

In The late March, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced the develop of the custom map on Google Maps to the highlight of location of Hunger Relief Centre run to the Delhi government. The Centres offer free lunch & dinner between 12-3pm and 6-9pm on a daily basis.

They help to fulfil food home delivery requirements of the masses, The Google Maps are also added a Delivery option that sits next to the existing Petrol, and Coffee shortcuts. The Users can access the Google Maps app on their smartphones to the view the nearby takeaway-supporting restaurants, The grocery stores,& chemist shops during the nationwide lockdown.

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