Google to Verify All The Advertisers, and Their Location

Google to Verify All The Advertisers, and Their Location


Google update Thursday it expand to there program of verification of advertisers on its platform as part of an effort to weed out fraud & bad actor. All The Internet giant & global leader in the digital advertising said it would start the verifying advertisers in phases of the United States & expand there program in globally. Thes move builds on the Google's efforts launched in 2018 to verify political advertisers with the requirement to indicate where they are located.


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Google banned fake & Fraud Treatment COVID-19


Google take action comes amid growing concerns over ads promoting fraud or fake treatment for coronavirus, among other things.The part of this initiative, advertisers will be required to complete a verification program in the order to buy ads on our network, Google ads integrity chief John Canfield said in a blog post.


Google Verify Personal Document In Advertiser


Advertisers it will need to submit personal identification, business incorporation documents or many other information that proves who they are and the country in which they operate.With the some change it will take a few years to complete, according to Canfield, users will be able to click on a link to get information about specific advertisers.The change will make it simpe for people to understand who the advertiser it behind the ads they see from Google & help them make more informative decisions when using our advertising controls.This will also help support the health of the digital advertising ecosystem by detecting bad actors & limiting their attempts to misrepresent themselves.

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