Google Search Provide To Choose To Add Movies and TV Shows to a Watchlist, New Android TV Features Announced

Google Search Provide To Choose To Add Movies and TV Shows to a Watchlist, New Android TV Features Announced Too


Now The Google suite of the products are particularly important as more people stay at home amidst during global lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now Company is rolling out new features for some products is an effort to help people stay connected as well as access all information & entertainment in staying at home. These new features are rolling out now or set to roll out in for the coming days for Google Search and Android TV, primarily.



Google Upcoming various announcements on its official blog, the most important one is related to Google Search that is now offering these ability to add movies & TV shows to a watchlist. The Users can browse through recommendations by searching ‘What to watch' through Google Search, and add specific titles to the watchlist through the title's preview page. It also possible to quickly switch between the list of recommendations & watchlist, as well as mark certain titles as ‘watched'. These new feature is available on the Google app for mobile devices at the moment.



Its not the first time we are hearing about Google watchlist. These feature was first spotted in December last year & was limited to certain markets. Google has finally made it official.



They also new features rolling out for Android TV, Google to purpose-built the operating system for televisions & streaming devices. These platform will now have three new rows featuring content from YouTube, Its meant to help users access all information & entertainment while at home. These first provides curated news videos on COVID-19 from leading news providers these second is on various videos that encourage activity while at home such as cooking, exercising, or listening to music; the third shows a list of movies available to watch on YouTube for free (with ads).



The Various other deals & offers have been announced as well, its including an extension to the Google Play Pass trial period, better the organisation of apps on the Google Play Store for Android TV, & free access to Stadia Pro for users in 14 countries for two months. The new features are not visible to us just yet, but we are expected to be available in the upcoming days.

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